My Super Sweet 16 Halloween to be held Friday October 28th at El Patio

Las Cruces Music News –

Some will spend this Halloween dressed as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, but there’s an arguably more powerful force of five hitting the Las Cruces scene this year. On October 28th five bands will join forces to rock a crowd of costumed patrons at El Patio for “My Super Sweet Halloween 16.”

My Super Sweet Halloween 16 band line-up will include:

  • 9:30pm The Red Bachs as “Taking Bach Sunday” – performing Taking Back Sunday
  • 10:15pm The Coolside Collective as “Straight Outta Coolside” – performing Dr. Dre
  • 11:00pm Travail as “Women Studies” – performing women rockers including Heart, The Donnas, and flyleaf
  • 11:45pm “Brown Sabbath” – performing Black Sabbath
  • 12:30am “The Lion Kings” – performing Kings of Leon

The bands involved are comprised of musicians who have been active and productive in the Las Cruces music scene for over a decade.

The Coolside Collective, a jazz staple in the Las Cruces music scene, that will be performing Dr. Dre covers as “Straight Outta Coolside,” will feature guest performer Andrew Martinez, formerly of Decade of the Dead Arcade and the Timberlines. Dom Breezy and Fano Ferreli will also join the ensemble.

Another band in the line-up, Travail, is an offshoot from the former Las Cruces band Travailer. It has been in the works for about four months, making its first and only appearance to date at the Summerween 2016 show, where they performed covers of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. For My Super Sweet Halloween 16 the woman-fronted band will tribute iconic women-fronted bands.

The band performing under nickname “Brown Sabbath” will include former Anderson Council members and brothers Tommy and Rafael Medina, alongside new members. “We haven’t been playing regularly since 2008,” Tommy Medina said. “We’re excited to get back out there. This set will also be dedicated to our late singer and friend Ryan Chip.”

The Halloween cover shows have been an annual event for three years, originally hosted by the Trainyard, and moved to El Patio following the Trainyard’s closing.

El Patio will be spooked out with decorations for the show. Event decorator Laura Demouche said, “We’re hoping to provide a Halloween ambiance and haunting edge to the bar.”

Love Vasquez, who has had successful appearances on past Halloween cover shows performing Sugar Ray and Fallout Boy has assembled a line-up under the nickname “The Lion Kings” to bring music from the Kings of Leon. When asked for comment on the show Vasquez said, “I’m twice the musician Mufasa was!”

In addition to providing a fun gathering for local performers and music enthusiasts, the Halloween cover shows are traditionally a fundraising event for positive community causes. That tradition will continue this Friday. Event organizer and manager Paul Ostic said, “This event was made to benefit a local non-profit. It wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of all the bands, truly. It has been a band of friends for years now. They make this event what it is and their willingness to come out and celebrate the holiday by giving back to the people who need it the most is a great feeling.”

The show cover is $3 at the door.