About Travail Journal

Travail Journal is a media source dedicated to the exploration, creation, and promotion of news, music, writing, film, theater, culture, science, sports, and entertainment, through the use of an expressive and atypical approach.

Travail Journal is atypical in that it does more than one thing, using more than one style:

The primary function of Travail Journal is anti-fragile adaptability. Whereas most publications emphasize specific genre-oriented tasks, such as journalistic news, entertaining creative writing, academic articles, etc. Travail Journal does not rely on a single genre, medium, or style. The Journal addresses an ambitiously wide range of subjects, because of the conviction that the best discoveries come with conceptual overlap. Interaction with such a wide range of subjects demands the use of a wide range of communication styles. Therefore, Travail Journal avoids limitations on the range of creative and intellectual expression available to its creators. Some content is heavily researched and factual, some is general and conversational, some is passionate and stance driven, some is impartial and objective, some is for humor, some is informative, some is fictional creative work, etc. There are no limits. To mitigate confusion, content style is identified at the beginning of every post.

In addition to avoiding limits in style, Travail Journal avoids limits in geographical scope. The Journal addresses subjects of national, regional, or local interest. The geographical scope of every post is identified at the beginning. Travail Journal is currently based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico therefore posts marked “National” are related to the U.S., posts marked “Regional” are related to the Southwestern United States, posts marked “Local” are related to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Why Travail “Journal” rather than Travail “Blog”?

The term blog tends to carry connotations of informality and casual standards. While some contents of Travail Journal are casual, conversational, or opinion based, much of it is researched, composed, and revised with more formal standards. The founder and primary content generator, Spencer Taylor, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, the studies for which included academic composition in script-writing, literature, and nonfiction. Taylor also holds a self designed Bachelor of Arts entitled Medium Fusion, emphasizing studies of the interaction and overlap between communication mediums including writing, film, and music. Additionally, contributing writers have notable expertise in their content area in terms of education, experience, or professional success.

About the Travail Journal logo and name:

Just as Travail Journal emphasizes the exploration of overlapping subjects, presentation styles, mediums, and cultures, the logo represents the overlapping cultures that influence the creation of the journal. The T at the center of the logo standing for Travail Journal, is stylized in Celtic knotting and encircled by a Celtic knotted ring. The text encircling the entire logo that reads “Travail Journal” is a visually exaggerated version of a traditional Celtic font. The journal’s founder, Spencer Taylor, has Irish familial ancestry from the town of Taum, in County Galway, Ireland.

The Circle is embedded in the Zia symbol, representing the location of the journal’s founding, Las Cruces, New Mexico. The Zia is a symbol of the sun, the source of illumination on earth, and Sun-rays have been added to the Zia to represent the journal’s primary mission of simply spreading illumination.

The logo is printed in green, a color inextricably linked with life. It is a color that comes from the chlorophyll in plants, the steady, patient, originating point of Earth’s symbiotic ecology, which is arguably the greatest aid in the process of survival, growth, and flourishing. Creative exploration, serves the same function for humans that chlorophyll serves for plants. Such is the essence of what it means to Travail.

From Webster.com:

Travail definition – b :  a physical or mental exertion or piece of work :  task, effort